Have you lost your memorable photos from your Kodak Digital Camera? Have your photos from Kodak digital camera become corrupt? Are you unable to access the photos from Kodak Digital Camera? Do not panic as you can recover the deleted photos.

Digital camera is becoming popular among the camera users. And Kodak camera is one of them, and people like to use it as it has a brand value. It is used for clicking your memorable photos, shoot videos, etc. The photos, videos are saved in the SD card of the camera. And if your photos, videos get damaged then in that case it can be recovered with the help of third party application. But before that we should know the reasons behind images, photos or videos getting corrupted, deleted or lost.

Reasons Behind Photos and Videos Getting Deleted, Lost or Corrupted

There are various reasons behind your photos getting lost, deleted and many more.

  1. Generally the common reason for your images or photos getting lost is Human error, by deleting the images either unknowingly or by mistake.
  2. If your SD card of your camera has become corrupt or damaged then you would not be able to see your memorable photos.
  3. When you insert your card in your computer then there are chances that it may get infected by virus and as a result your data stored in SD card gets affected.
  4. You should handle your SD card while using it in your computer or camera, if you remove the card from PC without ejecting it, or taking the card out from the camera without switching it off then there are chances that the data may get lost.

What should be done when your photos and videos which are lost or deleted from Kodak Camera

The first and foremost thing you should do is that when you lose your photos, videos etc are lost from the Kodak Digital Camera, then in that case you should stop using it until all your important photos, videos, etc. are recovered from it. When the data that are deleted, lost, or corrupted it is not completely removed from the camera. It is still present in the camera in Raw Format. If you still use your camera then in that case the newer data would overwrite the older one, then in that case it would become impossible to recover the data.

It is always advised that you should have a backup of your data. If you have a backup then you can recover them. If you do not have a backup then also you can recover the data with the help of Card Data Recovery for Windows/Mac. It is professional software as it is capable of recovering the photos, videos, etc. Kodak camera. Using this software you can easily recover the deleted, corrupted, formatted photos from it. It can also be used to recover the data files that are deleted from the External or local drives. It can also recover data from the memory card, memory stick, Micro SD card, SDHC Card, SDXC Card, Eye-Fi SD Card, etc.


Steps to Recover the Deleted Photos and Videos from Kodak Camera on Windows/Mac

Step 1: Install and Run Card Data Recovery Tool on your system. Select the recovery option (Photos, Media, Document) and then click on “Next” button to proceed further.

Step 2: All the storage device available or connected to your computer will be displayed on the Interface as shown in image below. Select the drive or card from which you want to recover files and then click on “Scan” button to allow software to scan your storage device to find deleted or lost files.

Step 3: After completion of scanning process, you will be able to preview the recovered files. Now select the files that you want back and then simply click on ‘Recover” button. Select different place to save recovered files on your computer.


Recover Deleted Photos and videos from SD card used by Kodak Digital Camera on Windows/Mac?