Recover Data Lost by DISKPART Format/CleanSometime the improper use of DISKPART can cause serious data loss from hard drive or volumes you are partitioning. To explain my view more clearly I would like to the help of a real life scenario.

Real life scenario:

Yesterday one of my friends, followed a stupid tutorial on how to use DISKPART format and clean command to manage the hard drive on my windows computer. Don’t know whether she made a mistake or not but end with a data loss scenario. She found a large amount of data missing from D drive after executing DISKPART – Clean – Format. She failed to figure out why she is facing this issue. If you have also faced the same issue like her then don’t worry here we will guide you on how to recover data lost by DISKPART format and clean.

Lost data while using Diskpart utility? Want to recover lost disk or partition? Is it possible to recover data after DiskPart clean? Your every query will be answered in this post.

What is Diskpart?

DISKPART is an inbuilt command line hard drive partitioning utility which is used for adding, deleting as well as resizing partitions / drives on Windows system. This utility includes 38 different commands which posse the following functionalities related to your hard disk management such as ASSGIN/ REMOVE, ADD/ BREAK, LIST DISK, CREATE/ DELETE, ACTIVE, CONVERT, EXTEND, RESCAN, CLEAN, etc. Windows users usually prefer the built-in Diskpart utility to configure storage medium using the remote session, script or the command prompt instead of third party applications. By using this inbuilt utility you can prevent multipartition layout for the removable media like flash drives. It comes a tool in the following Windows OS versions like Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows server 2003.

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It is well said professional’s word suits professionals. Without having the proper knowledge of Diskpart utility if you try to use it then you might end up with data loss scenario. One of the common scenario in which you can lose your important data is accidentally cleaning of important drive in spite of the unwanted drive. So it is advised to have complete knowledge about the thing you are going to start. Little knowledge is held to be very dangerous. In case if you face any data loss while using this utility then don’t worry because data recovery after Diskpart clean is possible. Yes you can undo Diskpart clean. Using Windows data recovery software you can recover lost/ deleted data after DiskPart format.

Recover Data Lost by DISKPART Format using Windows Data Recovery tool?

Windows Data Recovery Tool is the suitable software to help you in any sort of data loss circumstances. This proficient tool can restore data from any sort of Windows data loss situations.

This tool uses the strong data recovery algorithms to deeply scan your entire drive. You can restore all data in just few clicks by just spending your precious few minutes. It is compatible with all Windows operating system such as Windows 2000, 2002, 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. This tool is safe and secure to recover data lost while using Diskpart utility. The best part of this tool is that you can preview the recoverable data before recovering them. Before purchasing this tool you can try its demo version to make sure whether this tool is capable of recovering your lost data or not.


Salient features of Windows Data Recovery Tool: –

  • It is capable of recovering data from formatted, inaccessible, reformatted, corrupted partitions
  • This tool can even restore lost/ deleted data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array
  • It even recovers data from FAT16, ExFAT, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 file system based on partitions

Step 1: Launch Card Data Recovery tool and select your preferred recovery option and hit the button “Next” to continue.

user-guide 1

Step 2: All the partitions and drivers related to your computer will be displayed on software interface. Now choose the card where you lost your files and hit on “Scan” button to let the program find out your lost files on memory card.

user-guide 2

Step 3: After the scanning gets over preview the lost files and look for the files you want to recover. Select your desired place to save them. After that hit on “Recover” to perform data recovery.

user-guide 3



Now that you know once DiskPart clean command is performed to disk all the data present in it can be permanently deleted. So we highly advise you not to take this sort of risk in future. Never mess up with the things you are unaware of.

Useful tips: –

  • Have a complete knowledge about Diskpart tool before you use it in your real life.
  • Before performing the disk management operations have a complete backup of your data.

Recover Data Lost by DISKPART Format/Clean